When it comes to business, we understand how challenging markets are today. Driven by technology, the world is changing at a tremendous rate and customer demands are following suit. In this challenging climate, IndustrialSonics helps companies decrease costs by providing more effective solutions for day-to-day industrial processes using the latest ultrasonic technology. We know how tight profit margins are and we've helped businesses across Australia and New Zealand increase the efficiency and quality of their cleaning, mixing and sieving processes thereby reducing costs and improving outcome quality.

With over 18 years experience in the industry, IndustrialSonics brings unrivaled expertise and passion to your business. When you engage us, we'll help you to identify how ultrasonics can increase quality and efficiency in the cleaning, mixing or sieving processes of your business. We'll recommend a solution and when you're happy with it we'll see it through from design to production and installation. We will also provide operational manuals and staff training. Finally, over the life of your ultrasonic solution, IndustrialSonics is available to provide routine maintenance, repair and ongoing technical support.