Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonics is electrical energy converted to sound beyond the range of human hearing. When ultrasonics is passed through a liquid it literally tears the liquid apart forming millions of tiny vacuum pockets known as cavitation bubbles. These bubbles implode at high pressures and temperatures (30,000psi and 50,000 degrees C) causing a scrubbing effect on any surface immersed in the liquid. The scrubbing action acts much more quickly and on a much finer scale than any other known means of scrubbing or scouring. Scrubbing with ultrasonics will also penetrate into blind holes and complex shapes (including surface pores in metals) which cannot be reached by other methods. The result? Automated, faster, more consistent cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used on a wide variety of materials including glass, plastic, ceramic, many metals and other non-metal materials. 



  • It's FASTER. Cleaning with ultrasonics can reduce the time needed to clean by up to 90%.
  • It's CONSISTENT. Unlike manual cleaning, ultrasonics offers unmatched cleaning consistency. 
  • It's SAFE. Ultrasonic cleaning reduces the use of dangerous chemical concentrations.
  • It SAVES MONEY. With an average Return On Investment of 6-12 months, savings in chemical costs, water, energy and labour can be found using ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic mixing

Ultrasonic technology can provide outstanding results for a wide range of mixing processes used in industry including: blending, homogenizing, emulsifying, dissolving and stirring (agitation). Like cleaning, mixing with ultrasonic technology relies on the creation of cavitation bubbles within the liquid.  These cavitation bubbles cause friction at the molecular level of the liquids. The result? Mixing is fast, energy-efficient and provides incredible consistency of mixing because ultrasonics works at the molecular level. Ultrasonics provides a simple, improved mixing solution for very thick liquids such as heavy fuel oils, resins and polymers as well as powder-to-liquid and liquid-to-liquid formulations. 


How will ultrasonic mixing benefit you?

  • It's COST REDUCING. Ultrasonic mixing offers a lower cost (in time, electricity and maintenance) solution for liquid mixing processes requiring intense stress.
  • It INCREASES QUALITY of the final product. The uniformity of globule and particle size in a solution is improved with ultrasonics.
  • It's MORE VERSATILE. Mixing a wide range of powder and liquid types, liquid thicknesses and volumes is significantly easier with ultrasonics. 

Ultrasonic sieving

Ultrasonics can be used to apply an even motion to a sieve screen at a much higher frequency than conventional sieving methods thus reducing friction between the sieve and powder. This reduces the blocking of the sieve and dramatically increases sieving rate.


How will ultrasonic Sieving benefit you?

  • It's COST EFFECTIVE. Powder sifting is accelerated with the use of ultrasonics while powder wastage is also greatly reduced.
  • It ENHANCES PRODUCT QUALITY. Mechanical cleaning can be eliminated thereby preventing foreign particles from entering the powder and improving the final powder quality.
  • It's FASTER. Sieving with ultrasonics results in a 3-30 times increase (dependent on powder material and particle size) in rate of sieving.
  • It REDUCES RUNNING COSTS. Running costs for ultrasonic powder sieving equipment are dramatically reduced due to reduced power usage and maintenance costs.